Brand : Turbo Saviour

Turbo Saviour

Original Manufacturers Part Number: Turbo Saviour

Model: Turbo Saviour

Oil Accumulator & Filter

The Turbo Saviour has been designed to carry out two separate functions within the one component:

  1. Complete filtration of oil supply to the Turbo for best Turbocharger Protection.
  2. Provide a continued supply of oil to the Turbo after engine shut down to ensure the finest level of Turbocharger Protection..


The Turbo Saviour has a cast alloy centre section incorporating a mounting flange, built in check valve and a provision for the spin-on oil filter. The accumulator section is a purpose spun alloy canister and includes a rubber bellows which ensures oil / air separation within the canister.


Engine oil receives a secondary filtration before passing through a check valve on its way to the Turbocharger for best protection. The accumulator section is charged with oil via a bleed orifice while the engine is running. On engine shut down the check valve closes and oil stored in the accumulator continues to flow to the Turbo for up to five minutes for best protection (thus cooling and lubricating the Turbo bearings for this period).

The function of the oil flow through the Turbo Saviour is such that the accumulator section of the unit receives it's oil supply via a metered orifice. Therefore the majority oil supply from the engine at start up is supplied to the turbocharger. The oil accumulator section receiving oil via the orifice takes up to 5 minutes to become fully charged.

This orifice also controls the flow of oil to the turbocharger on shut down thus extending time of the oil supply to the turbocharger.

Further to above ... within turbo saviour is a check valve which retains the oil within the supply lines after engine shutdown thus oil supply at the turbocharger on start up is instant.

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Turbo Saviour
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