Brand : Mann + Hummel

DualSpin Precleaner

Model: 001

Mann & Hummel have a complete range of pre cleaners to suit many applications.Pre cleaners will help improve air filter service life and protect your engine against the harshest conditions

The DualSpin® precleaner newly developed by MANN+HUMMEL offers excellent separation efficiency with a simultaneous minimal drop in pressure. The special arrangement of both distributors reduces the pressure drop of the precleaners by up to 50%. Generously dimensioned cross-sectional flow The DualSpin® areas almost completely prevent clogging – even under unfavourable conditions, such as with harvesting machines.

The DualSpin® is the ideal complement to the air cleaners of the NLG line, but it can also be combined with other air cleaners(e.g. metal air cleaners).

Dual Spin Mann and hummel
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