Euro Diesel, Perth, Western Australia stock and supply the Mann & Hummel filter brand because it is of the highest quality when it comes to filtration.

Examples of Munn + Hummel technology include..

PicoFlex ® The new PicoFlex® air cleaner developed by MANN+HUMMEL meets the current and future requirements for greater air throughput with simultaneously less installation space. The innovative filtration technology of the PicoFlex® in its robust housing of polyamide reinforced with fibre-glass offers the ideal solution for demanding applications.

The PicoFlex® line will cover flow rates in the range of 4.5 m 3 ® /min to 18 m 3 /min. Advantages at a glance:

  • lower space requirement (-40%) compared with conventional filters with the same service life
  • compact design
  • long service life
  • flexible use of available installation space
  • very easy to maintain
  • inline air flow enables new installation possibilities
  • connection for service
  • switch integrated in housing
  • metal-free filter elements are easily disposed of by incineration and therefore are environmentally friendly with inexpensive disposal
  • variable installation positions
  • easy solution for fitting to a bracket

Further information on the new PicoFlex line contact us or view the picoflex informationhere.

Did you know that the proven pre cleaners from Mann & Hummel are suitable for extending the service life of air cleaners? Euro Diesel services Perth stock Mann & Hummel pre cleaners such as the transparent pre cleaner bowl, metal pre cleaner and dual spin pre cleaner. Combine these with a Mann & Hummel exhaust ejector and give your machine the ultimate protection from dust.

The Mann & Hummel service indicators allows you to read the current level of dirt accumulation in the air cleaner.
Euro Diesel Services Perth also carry Mann & Hummel services switches which can be used to flag up a warning light or shut down your engine.
Mann & Hummel switches removes the risk of potential damage to equipment which may occur through frequent and careless maintenance actions.

We are happy to stock any filters you may require.

For more detailed information on each product Please view the pdf's below.

Please visit the Mann & Hummel catalogue or contact us with any inquires.

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